Whether you are planning to decorate your new pool with plants or vintage furniture, you should think about adding a personal touch. Here are some tips on how to achieve this look. Plants, vintage furniture, pergolas, and trilogy streams are some of the items that you can use to make your pool area truly unique. You can also add a personal touch to your pool by using decorative accessories such as swimming pool fountains and ladders.

Sunbathing Deck And Private Swimming Pool


A splash of color in a pretty container is the perfect accent for a modern pool area, complementing the contemporary patio and lush lawn. Plants in this style include thrillers, fillers, spillers, and creeping plants. Tall rosemary, for example, is the perfect choice in a container and is perfectly complemented by lime green sweet potato vine and deep red coleus. The pots themselves can be painted to match the color scheme of the surrounding landscaping.

If you want a plant that will grow in filtered sunlight, choose a staghorn fern. This tropical species is hardy enough to grow in any zone, but it is best to mount mature specimens. Staghorn ferns also do well in moist, rich compost. You can also grow them on trees, although they need filtered light. To care for them, use a fertilizer rich in iron or calcium, and keep them in a sheltered spot.

Vintage furniture

You may not realize it, but vintage furniture adds a personal touch to your swimming pool area. You may choose a monochromatic palette or use a mix of old and new pieces. You can even mix and match different colors and shapes. In this way, you’ll have a unique design for your pool area. However, you should consider the materials of your furniture. If they are made of wood, choose the right material. Wood is a popular choice for modern vintage design.

If you’re a wine lover, you might consider purchasing an antique train case. This style has many compartments, including a mirror. Adding a mirror to the lid is an excellent solution for on-the-go storage. Another idea for a vintage storage piece is an antique bread box or a breadbox with a lid. Both types of items are useful and add an interesting look to the area.


Adding a pergola to your backyard pool area can be a great way to add privacy and shade. Pergolas are made of a variety of materials and can be open or covered. A pergola can provide shade, or cover the area with vines or other plants for privacy. However, pergolas with plants may require more maintenance and may not provide shade in the center. Therefore, choose your plants carefully.

When choosing a pergola for your backyard pool area, take into account the style and color of your home. Some pergolas are designed to blend in with the construction of your home, while others will reflect a more vintage look. Pergolas are available in various sizes, shapes, and styles, and can even include floor seating or a barbecue grill. You can even choose from a variety of materials for your pergola, including wood, vinyl, and metal.


Adding a variety of lights to the area around your pool can be a fun way to enhance the look and feel of your pool. For an elegant look, consider lining the patio with colorful plants. Alternatively, you can add string lights through tree branches or leaves. If you have a swimming pool that extends beyond the deck, consider adding additional siding around the perimeter to create a more aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

When choosing the type of lighting for your pool area, consider the purpose for which you plan to use it. Some lights are meant to illuminate a specific part of the pool while others are designed to illuminate a specific area. Pool lighting can change the mood of the entire area and highlight special architectural features. Using energy-efficient LED lights can extend the life of your pool and provide safety for nighttime swimming. Properly used, lighting can make your pool an outdoor oasis that will make swimming a fun and relaxing experience.

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