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Fibreglass swimming pools are amongst the most popular options for households looking for a solution to improve their lifestyle, whilst spending more quality time with friends and family. Low Cost of ownership. One-off installation costs. No maintenance costs, ever.

The main differences between acrylic swimming pools and fiberglass swimming pools are in the materials used and the end result. Acrylic is manufactured from plastic resin and carbon fibre. A carbon fibre swimming pool is created by laying the carbon fibre onto a hard core called a mandrel then compressing this into a thin, very dense structure.

These structures can then be poured into a mould and the resulting pool can then be loaded onto a trailer and transported to your on-site area. Once fully loaded you can then disassemble and assemble again. Unlike concrete swimming pools which require to be dug from the ground up, on-site construction is considerably easier and safer with a precast or truck-mounted system.

 Fibreglass Swimming Pool Installations Sydney
Fibreglass Swimming Pool Installations Sydney

Benefits of Fibreglass Swimming Pool 

Due to the innovative process which enables the creation of fibreglass swimming pools there are fewer worries about cracking and warping. This is because the resins are sprayed onto the outside edges of the pool walls. Once applied the surface tension pulls the material together creating a strong seal. Due to its strength, high density and waterproof qualities, fibreglass swimming pools have some of the best resistance to chemicals that are found in other forms of pool design. These properties also make it highly resistant to extreme temperatures.

The smooth, rounded surfaces of most fibreglass swimming pools are one of the main selling factors. They offer an easy, low-maintenance method of cleaning. Unlike concrete swimming pools which are prone to staining through the activity of children and pets, fibreglass pools can be washed thoroughly without any problems. Because the surface is smooth, it prevents against the formation of unsightly indentations which can form when dirt, sand or other materials to get stuck in the seams. In addition, with most fibreglass swimming pools being able to withstand pressures of up to 1000 psi, the pool can be used by both small and larger children without any risk of injury.

Along with the smooth, rounded surface, most fibreglass swimming pools feature a lifetime structural warranty against breaking or crack. However, because this type of construction is not as immune to natural disasters as traditional concrete or tile-based pools are, it is also important to take extra measures to ensure the longevity of your structure. One of the best ways to protect your investment is to make sure you hire a qualified contractor to build your pool. While it is true that most companies will offer free estimates, it is also important to make sure that the individuals who are doing the estimates have been properly trained and that they carry the right licensing to do so.

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