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Quality Builders Make Your In-Ground Swimming Pool Installation in Wollongong Easy

Having the perfect home means being able to relax no matter what. Whether you’re snuggling up next to the fireplace in winter or trying to find a way to beat the heat between December and February, you should always have a way to feel content and satisfied in the place where you live. If you’ve got a bit of extra space in your backyard and live in an area where the weather is frequently warm, then you might want to think about putting in an in-ground pool. Wollongong is a particularly popular area for this kind of thing, with many more homeowners looking for swimming pool installation in recent years.

Swimming pool installation in Wollongong doesn’t just happen by itself, though. You need to hire quality pool builders in the Wollongong area to make sure that you get exactly the right pool, based on your wishes. A good in-ground pool requires real skill and experience to construct properly. It’s the kind of project that needs to be undertaken by serious professionals because you’re hopefully going to be swimming in the results for a long time to come. Good pools are clean and efficient, in addition to being cool and refreshing. They use less energy than other pools and don’t need to be cleaned as often, making them much more sensible long-term investments than pools that have been hastily installed to save a few dollars at the front end.

When you want to hire high-quality pool builders in Wollongong, consider hiring Aroona Pools. We’re one of the most reliable pool builders in the greater Sydney area, and we boast a 100% satisfaction rating on Google reviews. That’s because we’re a reliable company that blends efficiency with quality and excellent customer service. When you hire us to oversee the installation of your in-ground pool in Wollongong, you’ll end up with a well-made pool in as little as eight weeks. Hopefully, though, you’ll be enjoying it for years and years.

Stay in Touch with Your Pool Builders in Wollongong

One of the best parts about hiring Aroona Pools is that you’ll constantly be in contact with the people in charge of your new pool. Our policy is to assign you a case manager so that if you ever need information about how the job is going or want to talk shop, you’re able to reach someone with real influence over your project instead of an anonymous functionary. Our past customers have commented that having a single go-to point of contact has been an influential reason for choosing Aroona Pools.

Speed Without Sacrificing Quality

At Aroona Pools, we can finish each build between eight and twelve weeks after starting. This quick but thorough pace allows us to complete each pool within a surprisingly short amount of time, and still makes it possible to complete the detail work that makes an in-ground pool great. We also offer various customisation options, including waterfalls, decking, waterslides, stone and rock features, lighting and paving. Contact Aroona Pools today to learn more.



To ensure the highest quality construction in your pool build, we only use high quality materials in all of our projects. This means you can be certain your swimming pool will always have the highest quality finishes.



As a local family owned business, we are highly respected for our professional services. Our builder has over 30 years experience working in the construction industry and brings a high standard to each and every job.


At Aroona Pools and Spas we make sure our company and each and every one of our jobs are fully insured, including public and product liability, workers compensation, and comprehensive motor vehicle and plant policies. For more information on our policies please feel free to contact our office staff.

Competitive Pricing

As leading specialists in the industry, we have exclusive access to trade pricing with many of our suppliers, this means we can offer very reasonable and highly competitive prices to our customers while ensuring high quality finishes