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Should You Choose Concrete or Fibreglass for In-Ground Swimming Pools in Sydney?

As a proud homeowner in Sydney, you no doubt want your home to be as luxurious as possible. Purchasing a house in this city can be rather expensive, so you want to ensure your home provides the perfect place to relax. Of course, your tastes in style and furniture may change over the years, which is why it’s good to revamp your property from time to time. However, if you really want to inject some luxury into your beloved home, you ought to consider have a swimming pool installed by a trained pool builder.

In-ground pools in Sydney make the perfect home addition because they make your yard more inviting, boost the overall aesthetic appeal of your home, and provide you and the family with a beneficial form of exercise. Additionally, professional pool builders can design and build swimming pools in all shapes and sizes. However, before you decide to call the professionals, you might be interested in learning about which materials are used to make pools and the benefits and drawbacks of each. However, if you find a reliable pool builder, you can feel confident you’ll love your new home addition no matter what material you choose.

At Aroona Pools, we can make an in-ground pool that you and the kids will love for years, no matter where in Sydney you live. We guarantee to complete your pool within eight to 12 weeks, and we can install a range of accessories such as waterslides and waterfalls. Two of the most common materials used to make in-ground pools are fibreglass and concrete, which is why we’ll explain the benefits of each below.

Concrete or Fibreglass Pools in Sydney?

We understand that you only want to pay once to have your pool installed, which is why you need to decide on a design you’ll love for years. The material you choose can influence the overall look of your pool. The question is, though, should you buy fibreglass or concrete pools in Sydney?

  • Concrete – Concrete is a popular choice among homeowners because of its versatility. It can be used to create swimming pools in all shapes and sizes, which means the shape of your yard won’t prevent you from being able to have a pool. However, some people say that concrete pools can be difficult to maintain and they usually need revamping after a decade or two.
  • Fibreglass – Fibreglass swimming pools in Sydney are popular because they require very little maintenance, and the nonporous nature of the material inhibits algae growth. Additionally, it’s smooth to the touch so that the pool floor won’t irritate your feet, but you won’t be able to create intricate designs in the same way that you can with concrete.

The Verdict

Both fibreglass and concrete are fantastic materials that can be used to make swimming pools, so it’s best to consider your needs to make the right choice. If you want a low-maintenance pool, you may want to choose fibreglass, but if you’re after an intricate design, concrete may be the right choice. Call one of our friendly professionals today for advice on what type of pool will work the best with your home.



To ensure the highest quality construction in your pool build, we only use high quality materials in all of our projects. This means you can be certain your swimming pool will always have the highest quality finishes.



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